Manage Your Health

Manage Your Health

As you age, your health will decline and having a primary care physician will help keep you healthier. You need someone you can establish a relationship with, who knows your health history, who will listen to you, and who can take care of your medical needs.

Medical Associates of Albany is a medical practice providing primary, preventative, and diagnostic care for adult patients. Research studies have given us the ability to effectively prevent deadly diseases like heart attacks, strokes, diabetes and most cancers. When these diseases are already present in their early stages, new screening tools are making it possible to detect their presence while they are most readily cured or easily controlled. The physicians and staff of MAA are on the leading edge of using this new wave of research and technological advances to improve the lives of our patients.

Since MAA is owned and managed by our physicians, you can be confidant that your health and well-being is our number one priority. Our physicians were trained in some of the best medical schools and residency programs in America; they are all board-certified in Internal Medicine or Family Practice. With this education and their extensive experience, they are well-equipped to handle even the most complex medical problems.

We do our best to provide a one-stop medical facility. To minimize the need for you to travel to other sites for treatment and diagnostic evaluations, we provide laboratory testing, x-rays and ultrasound, and cardiac and pulmonary stress testing on our premises. This convenience enhances the value of these procedures by streamlining the process of evaluating results and initiating appropriate action.

We also have an after-hours assistance in case urgent medical problems occur when our office is closed. Our patients can contact one of our on-
call physicians for advice. With this service, it is sometimes possible to safely avoid an expensive and inconvenient trip to an emergency center.

Superb quality medical care can only be accomplished through a team
approach. We employ only well-trained and experienced physician
assistants, nurse practitioners, technicians, nurses and medical assistants, who are closely supervised by our physicians.